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Our Common Ground (OCG) is a treatment program for adults with substance abuse and mental health problems. We help people who realize they cannot do it alone – that they need the support, encouragement and challenge from other like-minded individuals who are working toward meaningful and productive lives, without drugs.

Our compassionate environment helps each individual take responsibility for his or her own life and build skills for long term recovery from substance abuse addictions. We help clients through every step of their treatment to quit using drugs and alcohol, and receive help with mental health issues (if applicable). Withdrawal is part of the process and our treatment center offers all the support and addiction counseling that is needed at this time. Our treatment program has the results you would expect to see in a nurturing environment designed for healing. Many come back later and tell us about their happiness and success as parents, workers, students and contributing members of their communities.

OCG Recovery Radio on Tuesdays

Time: 4pm – 6pm PST
To listen: Click on OCG RADIO button above
To Call: 646-564-9909


Our Mission
The mission of Our Common Ground is
to treat the whole person by using individualized treatment to address the substance abuse problems and co-occurring disorders of adults. Our Common Ground promotes a lifestyle that positively impacts society. All programs are non-sectarian and all services are delivered with the highest quality of care.

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